Washing your hair too often, good , bad

Washing your hair too often is bad , washing hair

If you live in the tropics you may be tempted to wash your hair daily especially in the summer time and if your  daily activity involved being out door all day . Some people claimed to wash their hair daily but this is not good for the health of the hair .

Too much shampooing will damage your hair , making it dry and prone to breakage as it strips the natural oil from your hair and scalp. Damage to your vary based on hair types , if you have curly hair damage will be more severe .

Natural oil do not travel down the hair strands as easy as it does on wavy and straight hair but even straight hair will become damage over time . Because hair is like fiber , the more its wash the more it will look bad  .

If your hair is curly, thick and long its best to go without washing longer than a person with short hair .  The natural oil will take more time to travel down long curly hair than of  person with short straight hair .

dry shampoo

If you are a person that used heavy amount of products or work out daily you should try reduce your wash routine to 3-4 times a week and instead of using shampoo you can used your conditioner instead . Also it would be wise to invest in a  dry shampoo , it will also saved time .

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