Split Ends Repair

How to Fix Split Ends Without Cutting

Split Ends Repair, split ends
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You can repair split ends only temporarily , and they will only be truly gone with a fresh trim . Use a sharpe scissor , dull scissor will only make more split ends .

Now lets fix split ends without cutting 

Wash Routine

Wet  your hair with warm water and  apply moisturizing shampoo , rinse hair clean . Apply leave in homemade deep conditioner  (only once/ twice a month ), mayonnaise is one of the best recommended home remedy for split ends , you  can used you desire leave in deep conditioner for 10 minutes. If you have afro texture hair skip shampooing process and just rinse your hair with luke warm water and proceed to homemade deep conditioner  (only once every six week ) are your desire protein deep condition only twice a month . Used a moisturizing deep condition/hair mask all other time . Rinse clean with cool water to close hair cuticle . .

Split Ends
Split Ends

Hot Oil Treatment 

You can do a hot oil treatment with carrot oil / olive oil . Warm 5 to 8 tablespoons  according to the thickness and length of your hair of carrot oil/olive oil in the microwave before applying it to your hair. The hot oil treatment will temporarily seal your split ends. Apply to damp hair, starting at the ends of your hair first and work your way up. Cover head with a shower cap /plastic bag and let sit for 30 minutes . 

Avoid Heat 

Avoid heat styling, If you must used heat minimize the use and style using the lowest setting with desire heat serum . Straightening and curling iron are the main cause of split ends . Avoid blow dryer , if your in a rush used a hooded dryer and if you can just air dry naturally .

Having healthy hair is every woman desire

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