Cute short hairstyles

This is my favorite , color really make it pop . I cant wait to try this out .
cute short hairstyles, black woman hairstyles
Cute Messy curly styles

 Shaved side , this is supper cute and edgy
Cute short hairstyles

Top Benefits of Long Term Transition

Benefits of long term transition

I have experience numbers of benefits of being a long term transitioner .

The most common benefits among all us long term transitioners is that we get to keep our long hair while we transition . Not everyone is ok with rocking short hair especially when you have never had short hair . Hair is a girl favorite accessories :) .

Who should and shouldn't do long term transition

Long term transition meaning a person that can go pass a year without cutting off their relaxed ends . Long term transition will not work for everyone .


long hair
This be some weave put you get the idea

If you are patient you will be able to do a long term transition successfully . Successfully meaning you will still have a lot of relaxed hair while you are going natural .
healthy relax hair
Healthy and full

Healthy hair from the beginning , if you had healthy relaxed hair their is no reason for you to big chop . healthy hair tends to hold longer and not look raggedy while it grow out . Also its possible that you already know how to take care of your hair .

Long hair - if you had long hair or at least 6 inches  at the beginning of your transition it may be a shock to cut it all off. Also long hair may mean you know how to deal with a lot of hair and you can adjust accordingly to your hair needs with few tips .

Some tips for starting your journey to natural hair

Journey to natural hair tips you can do, you don

Try starting with a fresh cut or trim , to get a more even ends and also to remove any split ends you may have .

Start planning a regimen are you may need to adjust the one you have . If you are like I was in the beginning of my journey to natural hair I had no idea what was a regimen . See what is a regimen .

Rihanna 2013 summer collection

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Playful bow hairstyles

Bow hairstyles are super cute and great for casual and formal events . You could put a bow on you're hair but you can actually make a bow from you're hair . Bow hairstyles are so an work of art  when done with you're actual hair . Here are some inspiration bow hair you could try out .
bow hairstyles
Everyday Bow
This is just casual as they come , a fun big bow in the center of you're head .