Coconut Milk Deep Conditioning Treatment

 Coconut Milk Deep Conditioning can help to deydrah dry hair .
4 Ounces of Organic Coconut Milk
2 Teaspoons Honey
1 Drop of Essential Oil ( Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Vatika Oil etc)
Your moisturizing conditioner ( Optional)


Mix together conditioner , honey , coconut milk and then add essential oil . Mix ingredients well in container , until smooth .
If you have dry thick hair apply mixture after shampooing for added moisture . Apply mixture to hair , put on a shower cap and leave on hair for 30 minutes are more .

If you have fine texture hair , you can apply mixture to damp hair not wash hair . When finish applying mixture to hair , cover hair with shower cap . Leave on hair for 30 minutes are more them shampoo mixture out .

Note : If you add conditioner mix to coconut milk  please used the mixture all at once are store it with preservative .

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My Blog one year anniversary + Introduction

This is my blog one year anniversary so I am giving you a proper introduction to my transition journey . 

Are you currently relax ?

I am transitioning , I plan on being a long term transition because I understand how to take care of my hair , and patient is key . In the beginning I would get  impatient and want to relax , and be back in my comfort zone .  To keep going I look at my natural hair and how beautiful it is and that's all I need and maybe watch some more YouTube videos  .

Why are you Transitioning 

I have thick  long hair all my life but I did not get to experiment with my natural hair as much. I have been relax and one part of me feel I have mastered it  !! I want to go back to the beginning LOL ..

How did you start your transition ?

Started of with me being impulsive , so after watching some videos on youtube videos by mistake I was inspired to try some thing new I wanted to play around with my natural hair because it look so much fun and I wanted to try out new products .  After seeing my new growth I was like " where have you been "  .

How Far is Your Transition now

I am 16 to 17 months post relaxer and I am not going to do the big chop. I will just do mini trims every 3 months. Short Hair would not work for me at all .

Do you wear protective styling ? 

No , Moisturizing my hair is enough . I love showing off my hair so I wont grow it just to hide it .

What are your Transition Styles :

I do Pony tail , braid out , Bantu knot outs are my favorites and pretty much all I do :)

What is the length of your hair and Type ?

I am  MBL , type 4 hair , soft , frizzy and curly (images )

What is your current Regimen ?

My regiment is currently for Relax and transition Regimen

What is your night time Routine ?

I want to think I have one but I dont really stick to things like those religiously.   I do my hair in one/two big braid and go to sleep . I sleep on silk pillow case because I am too tired to do anything else to my hair , so unless I have a style I want to keep for couple days that's all I do . I know curly style need more work so ill redo them at nigh in larger size .

I dont sleep with wet hair  .

Relax Hair Vs Natural Texture 

My natural hair is a lot thicker than my relax hair because it is curly so I cant just simple brush it back and be done , I have to used water are creamy moisturizer each time I want it to pull it back in place . My relax hair was so much easier to wash on wash days it was tangle free , my natural hair on the other hand I have to be patient to avoid snapping tangles made . These days I have little problem with tangles but it was not so when I just started .

How do you maintain your hair length? 

I keep my hair from being dehydrated , by using my creamy moisturizer/water, and then seal with one of my favorite oil . I try not to let my hair get dry and brittle . I don't used excess heat since I started to transition, only my hooded dryer whenever I deep condition my hair .

I do Low manipulation hairstyles , Proper nutrition .

I moisturize and seal my hair according to its need , so maybe once are twice a week all depend on certain elements . I do this only on wash and co-wash days . I have no strict ways of doing things never have, never will .  Just always do whatever works for you .

What is Your Hair Goal

Be fully natural !! I want to just enjoy my natural hair

Do you use Grease ?

I normally do , I have no problem with it but since my hair is less frizzy now I have no need for it .  It weight down my hair and prevent fly away and also act as a sealer but natural oils are a healthier choice . For 2013 I will not be using it , but its not a bad product to use every once in a while .

Next month will be another update of my  transition update where I will show a lot of before the transition pictures .

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Product Features

  • Prevents from breakage
  • Restores moisture in dry strands
  • Helps prevent split ends

Give your hair a natural touch of oil. Pantene Relaxed & Natural Daily Oil Cream Moisturizer is a deep replenishing formula with essential oils and moisturizers. This helps your hair defend against damage and transform it into resilient and healthy. It infuses your hair with moisture and glowing shine.

My 2013 Protein treatment Attempt

Its been a year ( maybe almost) since my last failed protein treatment , my hair was left feeling hard and tangled . I felt I may have left it on my hair for way too long so I make a few changes to match my hair type .

I used my homemade protein mix , this time I let it sit for no longer than 20 minutes , with shower cap without heat .

Wash my hairt with the V05 Moisture Milks twice

Valentine's Day Inspired Bantu Knot Out Curly Hairstyle

This Bantu Knot Out is done on my transition hair . Great Valentine hairstyles , soft bouncy curls .
I did not used any form of heat
Bantu Knot Out 

Step One
I wash my hair , I like doing styles on freshly wash hair

Step Two
Apply my leave in conditioner on all my hair at once

Then start parting my hair according to the size of knot I am going to make , apply moisturizer then add my essential oil .

Step Three
Begin to Make my Bantu Knots , I twist and then rap it around , repeat the process until your finish.

Step Four
Leave  hair and let it air dry , If done early and you get a lot of sun may be fully dry by bedtime or slightly damp . At this stage its your preference to used a hooded dryer are just sleep  I would rather just sleep on it .

Step Five
Next day  , take down the knots and style according

Note : I rather to make large Knots except for the two at the font of my head . Over all I may have 12 knots 6 on both sides . This last me up to 5 days without redoing at night  but as the day progress it hang more if you  like more length . 

If you have a more frizzy texture are too much shrinkage, you could blow dry before starting the knot are you could used styling gel/styling mousse for better result .

If you want more hold you can also used gel or mousse . I live in the tropics so I dont need those for this style. 

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Nutrition and Hair Growth

Our hair is made up of mainly Keratin .  Our over all heath determine the result of our hair , so having a proper nutrition is just as important as healthy hair practice . You may be experiencing stunted hair growth , split ends , breakage and other kind of damage and products just don't seems to be helping . This may be the cause of not getting the right nutrients . You can improve the health of your hair by treating it from inside .

I dont like to do a lot of protein treatment , so I have a rich protein diet  which not only good for your hair but for your over all health . So always remember that hair is made up of protein, so a rich protein diet plays an important role in maintain long healthy shiny hair .

Food that are rich in protein are :

Salmon - These are rich in protein and Vitamin D , both  are key to strong hair . Omega 3 Fatty Acid are found in these fish are what your body needs to grow hair , your body cannot make this on its own . Omega 3 also help to make up your hair shaft , and the natural oil that keep your hair hydrated .

Other options are , Sardine , eggs , cottage cheese , liver , beans , avocado , walnuts . Greek Yogurt.

Walnuts :

As I already mention above , Walnut Consist of Omega-3 Fatty Acid , but is  also rich in Vitamin E, Copper and Biotin . Biotin  plays a big role in hair loss prevention . Other than Walnut , Biotin can be found in food  such as Green peas , Soy Bean , Bulgar . Whenever you making a Salad dressing  you could try using some Walnut Oil .

Iron Rich Food

Too little iron can also contribute to hair loss . You can get Iron from dark Green Leafy Food , dried fruit , Red meat , Egg Yolks  Liver and much more .

A rich diet mean rich health , so if your not a fan of supplemental just continue to eat healthy.  Also you can do a  10-20 minutes work out every now and then to help keep your body fit .

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How I used Each Natural / Essential Oil

Coconut Oil - I like using this as a pre-poo treatment because it really penetrating the hair shaft, nourishing your hair fro inside out . Its light on your hair and has moisturizing properties . I do pre-poo treatment once a month are whenever necessary . I do sometimes used this oil as a sealant .

Olive Oil - Olive oil can be used as a natural relaxer ( Natural Hair Relaxer : Olive Oil ), I have done this  a few times and it really help my hair cuticle to lay down . It is moisturizing and its not too light on the hair , which is good when you want your hair to kinda lay down . This oil I really love it has so many great benefits, read more Benefits of Olive Oil in Hair . I also used this a sealant .

Castor Oil - I love using castor oil on my scalp , and I also use it to make a slick pony tail and help my edges stay slick and flat since it really moisturized them .  This may takes sometime to absorbed in hair like , fine to medium strands but once it absorbed your hair stays moisturized for days . It also help thicken hair so I really try to used this on my edges more because I have fine strands at that area  , I like slick styles and you want to keep your hairline healthy .

Carrot Oil - This oil I used mostly for  hot oil treatments , sometimes I used it alone are blend with my other oil . This is a light oil easily absorbed , great for scalp massages also  .

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Curly To Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

I love bangs and I have bangs for most part of my life . I wear all kinda hair bangs , so maybe you will like these too. You choose bangs according to your face shape and our hair type . 

Side Bang
Side bangs can be very elegant and soft  , this is one of my favorite . 

Curly Blunt Bang
These bang can be romantic , sweet as you can see but also may not work with most face especially when still textured . 

Curly Blunt Bang

Side Bang

This is like  a bang of the past 
You would find these bangs more common in old TV shows . We dont see much of these today but some woman can still pull these off . 

Curved Bang
Curved Bang can compliment almost any face , gives a sweet soft look . 

Wispy Bangs
These are popular and they are generally thin . These are more versatile since they are thinner they can be pulled back in a pont tail at any time giving the appearance that you dont even have a bang . 

Brandy's Side Bang

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