Vatika Hair Oil

Vatika Hair Oil Review

Vatika Hair Oil

One of my friend started to used Vatika Hair Oil for only two weeks now and I just had to ask her,  what new product has she been using in her hair . She had been using Vatika Oil for two weeks , four over-night application her hair is already looking more nourished, shine and beautiful. 

Natural Relaxer

frezzy hair, beautifull-hair.blogspot.comThese are the best Natural Relaxer  , frizz does not look good but help is here

1.Coconut milk : apply coconut milk to hair and let site for 30 minutes without heat

2.Olive oil relaxer : This olive oil natural relaxer will help to loosen your curl pattern , warm olive oil and massage into hair .

3.Coconut Cream Natural Relaxer : This is one of my favorite relaxer since started my transition . This act as a deep condition as well as loosen your curl pattern . I have already made a full article with recipe on coconut cream natural relaxer

4. Honey Natural Relaxer : This is also a very good natural relaxer , Honey will nourished and enriched your hair health and bring out your natural highlights .

Things you will need :
Honey 1 cup
Caramel 1/2 cup
Lemon Juice 1/2
Olive Oil 1/2

Measurement may vary depends on the length and thickness of your hair , let's go a ahead and start mixing our ingredients for this natural relaxer. In a large bowl add all ingredients and mix thoroughly . You can apply your natural relaxer mix  in sections or just go straight ahead and apply to your entire head from roots to ends . After your done applying the natural relaxer you can site back , and wait for 1 hour  then wash off your hair with shampoo and condition. This is a natural relaxer and will not harm your hair and remember it is not permanent.


  •  Natural Relaxer will have better result the more you apply it 
  • These natural relaxer are ideal for Caucasian with dry,curly and frizzy hair 
  • Works For all hair type , result will vary . 

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Homemade Deep Condition 
Caring for dry brittle hair

Stop breakage in hair

Some ways to stop breakage in hair ..

The first thing you should do is find out what causing your hair to break in order to stop breakage in hair .

Observe any new product you may have start using lately as well these could be the culprit  , not all product work for every body .

Look at your ends and when you need a trim you trim,   trimming reduces the chance for having dry brittle ends. Trimming regularly also discourage split ends that will traveled straight up to the hair shaft .

Wash hair with moisturizing conditioner and shampoo . Used sulfate free shampoo minimum twice a month if possible one time a month .

If your chemical relax , be sure to neutralized your hair after each relaxer application . Used a neutralizer shampoo and wash clean.

Never relax before 6-10 weeks post , overlapping chemical will cause over processing which result it hair being damage and breakage . 

Used wide-tooth comb and soft bristle brush

Never brush wet hair

Keep hair moisturized at all time to avoid hair getting dry and brittle . 

Used less heat , Only used heat when necessary in order to stop hair breakage

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Best Short Hair Style

I have long hair but I admire a woman that can pull off a short hair cut , I would some times attempt cutting my hair ( In my mind) .  Halle Berry top the cake, she is amazing trend setter .

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Split Ends Repair

How to Fix Split Ends Without Cutting

Split Ends Repair, split ends
Photo from good hair girl @ 
You can repair split ends only temporarily , and they will only be truly gone with a fresh trim . Use a sharpe scissor , dull scissor will only make more split ends .

Now lets fix split ends without cutting 

Wash Routine

Wet  your hair with warm water and  apply moisturizing shampoo , rinse hair clean . Apply leave in homemade deep conditioner  (only once/ twice a month ), mayonnaise is one of the best recommended home remedy for split ends , you  can used you desire leave in deep conditioner for 10 minutes. If you have afro texture hair skip shampooing process and just rinse your hair with luke warm water and proceed to homemade deep conditioner  (only once every six week ) are your desire protein deep condition only twice a month . Used a moisturizing deep condition/hair mask all other time . Rinse clean with cool water to close hair cuticle . .

Split Ends
Split Ends

Hot Oil Treatment 

You can do a hot oil treatment with carrot oil / olive oil . Warm 5 to 8 tablespoons  according to the thickness and length of your hair of carrot oil/olive oil in the microwave before applying it to your hair. The hot oil treatment will temporarily seal your split ends. Apply to damp hair, starting at the ends of your hair first and work your way up. Cover head with a shower cap /plastic bag and let sit for 30 minutes . 

Avoid Heat 

Avoid heat styling, If you must used heat minimize the use and style using the lowest setting with desire heat serum . Straightening and curling iron are the main cause of split ends . Avoid blow dryer , if your in a rush used a hooded dryer and if you can just air dry naturally .

Having healthy hair is every woman desire

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Products for split ends

These hair product for split ends will temporarily help hide split ends are prevent split ends from accruing .

Dry hair tend to have more split ends so is important to keep your hair moisturize .


These product work wonders for frizzy , this work great on fine hair because its more a lightweight  product . 

Product Features

  • Reconstructing complex repairs and smoothed hair
  • Reduces up to 80% of split ends after 3 uses
  • Provides moisturization for dry, damaged hair

These product work best for thick curly and afro hair . Shampoo is optional for curly and afro hair , keep your hair more moisturizer .

Products Features:

Moisturisation and resilience* for your dry/damaged hair.
The Repair & Protect collection helps to:
• Restore hair’s strength*.
• Protect against future styling damage.
• Prevent the formation of split ends.


You can do a protein based homemade deep conditioner , once every six weeks for curly and afro hair texture . Once a month if you have straight hair or when necessary .

Moisture Base deep conditioners/:

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

         Buy Now at Amazon: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

  • This weekly treatment is so concentrated, just a small amount is needed for hair to become soft, lustrous and shining in minutes.
  •  Olive penetrates to the center
  •  Meadowfoam Seed helps moisturize the middle
  •  Sweet Almond wraps the surface

Leave In Condition

Used a leave in  condition with plenty of slip to help  detangler . I currently used Kids Organics Shea Butter Detangling Hair Lotion to detangle my hair . 

Product Features

  • Fortified with Nutri-Gro triple action organic growth complex.
  • Aids in healthy new growth.
  • Helps strengthen and protect hair from damage.

Split End Serum

Pantene Pro V Split end Serum for normal

Products Features

Intensive nourishment for dry and damaged tips.
Our rich mender serum deeply infuses the tips of your hair to help repair and protect* split ends. It nourishes damaged hair that is prone to breakage.
*against styling damage

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Avoiding Split Ends

Tips to Prevent Split Ends

*Always trim Split ends with sharp scissor. Cut about 1 1/2 -half inches above your split ends.

*Dust your ends occasionally , this is when small amount is trimmed and it look like dust .

*Always condition after every shampoo never skip that step . This Step is supper important for afro texture   hair .

*Gently pat dry wet hair , do not rub towel on your hair or squeeze.

*Don't brush wet hair, this will damage the hair cuticle .

*Use a brush with soft bristles and wide tooth comb.

*Avoid heat when drying your hair , let your hair dry naturally more.

*Whenever you used heat , always used a heat protective serum.

If your hair is pass prevention stage , you will have to trim them or repair them temporarily

 How to repair split ends without cutting

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