Hair Food in your kitchen

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Looking for natural ingredients that you're hair will love , sometimes you don't need to go much further that you're kitchen cabinets .

Things you can find in you're kitchen that you could used all year round . Such as oils, these oils are delicious in our meals but also great for our hair . Olive oil and coconut oil are two of the most common oil you will find in most kitchen .You're hair will love you for using these , you can used them separate or you can mix them together .

Curly Fall and Winter product must have 2015 ( Oils )

Now we will see some oils , as this is a important part of natural curly hair regimen  . You should always have a oil for the health and length retention of your hair. Oil can be used to massage the scalp and seal moisture in the hair for a longer period of time . 

Oil Mixes 

Argan Oil

This is Argan Oil nice for skin and hair, it conditions the hair making it soft and shine without being greasy. Its 100% pure organic your curly hair  will thank you .  

Curly Fall and Winter product must have 2015

This post is geared toward woman with naturally curly hair 3A-4C hair texture but all the products can used for all hair type . Winter normally comes with lots of  shedding and dryness so this is the tie where you want to give your curly hair that extra TLC.

Hair Reconstruction 

ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor 

ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor  this product is one of my favorite products and I have mention on other post how good this really is . This will bring back your hair to life , can be used on natural or relaxed hair . 

Hayashi System 911 Emergency Pak this is another treatment that will give your hair that elasticity , shine and silkiness it may have lost . So if you have over process curly hair from color this is a great product to try out his fall and winter  . Also this is a bit weightless on the hair . 

For my third Hair Reconstructive have will be Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor

Nexxus Polymedic Emergency ReconstructorA lot of people are familiar with this one and for good reasons  , its also one of my favorites . has amino acids and collagen that helps repair damage hair . Put life back into dead brittle hair  . 

So there goes my winter must have protein treatment list . I will continue this must have until December or until I cover all the products I need to cover for the winter 2015 so keep checking back . 

Pura d'or Premium Organic Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Pura d'or Premium Organic Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo this is another great product for hair loss . I think you should always take action as soon as you notice hair loss, this can come with age , sickness, or could be mild shedding that happens at a particular time of the year  whatever the reason may be  . Taking action early at home can help a good diet as well as a good hair treatment . 

11 Beautiful Braid ideas

Frozen Elsa Braid 

Who doesn't love the Elsa Braid . This is one of my favorite braids  , great for girls with long thick hair . This hairstyle is quite easy to do , just make sure you're hair is in good health .

Pony tail braid
Pony tail braid , is not like most braids. Sleek back you're hair in a ponytail like you would normally do .

Wave Nouveau Coiffure Moisturizing Finishing Lotion on natural hair review

I recently purchase and used the Wave Nouveau coiffure moisturizing finishing lotion for the first time . I used this after my hair is freshly co-washed , at first I was unsure on to used it , like  should I used it before my oil or after my oil lol .  

I used it both ways :p on one side I put it before I seal and on the other side I used it after the oil . I think both feel ok but I do rather having the oil being last applied as the sealant. 


Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Polyquaternium 11, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Dimethicone, Methylparaben, Fragrance, Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool, Simethicone, Red 40 Lake 
Wave Nouveau Coiffure Moisturizing Finishing Lotion

Hair length update

This is my hair fully natural . I was to share these pics months ago , I took these in early February but didn't get around to . I think most of my hair is in the anagen phase . So can I get it to grow longer ? I dont know  I a fine with this length it sees i always have this length even when i was relax .  However I dont mind experimenting more and see if I can get 6 more inches of growth using inversion method ( not recommended to you ;p ) and biotin . I think with this method I can show my result in two months . 

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Summer hairstyles

Its summer again , the time to shed all the old and in with the new look . Time for gym  and maybe time tie for a new hairstyle / cut. When deciding a new look picking out the right new clothes and getting the right new haircut is essential when bringing in the new look . These are a few ideas to help with the transformation.

Lets start from head to toe

New hairstyles ideas

Bob Cut Hairstyles for Round Faces , straight , heart , oval and square shape faces  , choosing just that right one is a good start . These are a few choices , Bob Cuts are great for all age and face , its modern  and versatile. When choosing a Bob Cut you can add a little color to the side swept bang front part of the hair . Like purple or blue highlights very fun colors . You can go with short or long bob depending on your personal style  add curls in the back or keep your bob sleek. There is really no going wrong with bob hairstyle .

Long bangs with layered hair

Rihanna layered hair with blunt bang

Long layered hair are very elegant and also a way to hide thinning hair. You can have a nice blunt bang or  go with a smooth layered bang that start out short and get longer on the side . You will need to have this cut by a professional to at least get the right shape and you can have your stylist flat iron our hair and you can do this yourself after at home .  Works great on oval and heart shape face .

Long hairstyle and blunt

If you normally wear your hair short maybe you want to give long hair a try . Get good quality hair extensions , a well made blunt wig . Get that sweet all american girl look . With long hair you can have thick bouncy hair by adding some extension to your hair . Have your long hair blowing in the summer wind . Long hair goes with all shape face and age.

Curly hair style

May be a time to get your curling tools but not if your going to do  a lot of water activity this summer . There are many way to achieving curly hair if your not naturally curly . The curling iron , heat protectant serum or spray  .You could try hair mousse on wet or damp hair then wrap the hair like your making a bun or you can go ahead and used hair rollers. Another product you can used is gel to give those with curly frizzy hair a more define curls with less fly away. Getting a  hairspray is nice to add shine and great  finish touch but totally optional .

Straight and sleek hairstyles 
These are always a popular choice . Goes with any wardrobe , lifestyle and personality . Its very versatile and you can easily achieve this by using the right tools , Flat iron for your hair type and  good blow dryer .

image source
Image 1
image 2
Image 4
Image 5

3 Top Rated Chi Hair Dryer 2015

Chi styling tools are very common , we probably all own one at some point . These are a few chi hair dryers that I want to share . Below or 4 chi brand hair dryer that I will be listing for . If your investing in at home hair care then a blow dryer is no exception . There are different features and setting in  blow dryers .

Why should you buy a hair dryer ?

1 If your looking to save time on drying your hair ,
2. Flat iron hair purposes
3 . Give your hair volume
4. Reduce tangles in curly hair

There are other benefits  but those are my top 3 right off the back

This is my first option because of the features and good reviews. 

*Touch screen technology 
*Beautiful design look 
*It has memory setting
*Includes diffuser and nozzle
*Superior drying control 1800 Watt Cool Shot Button
*Multi-Level Low to High power

Bit Pricey

Full review and what customer are saying 


Reduces level of EMF
Ceramic technology
Comes with a CHI diffuser and concentrator nozzle

A bit pricey 

Specification :
12.4 x 12.4 x 4.3 inches ; 3.5 pounds

1800 Watts 
Cold Shot Button
Faster drying


When choosing a blow dryer dont just settle for cheap products because they are normally not durable . Ceramic technology has less damaging infrared heat . There are also frizz control products  you can also try out . 

Kinky curly knot today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler

I have finally tried the Kinky Curly Knot-Today  Leave In Conditioner/Detangler  after not caring for my hair for some weeks now ( awww ) . I wash my hair and notice I was getting knots and I have not gotten those in so long but I knew I was not doing what I should be doing for some time because of busy schedules  . So I decided to give this detangler  a try after hearing so much about it .

My Experience 

First time I used I was not very impress maybe because of the rave . On my second co-wash day I used again and this time I have better result , My hair was moisturized and had little to no resistance when being detangle and I have super curly hair  . My hair feel rejuvenated and back to its old self . 

6 Taylor Swift Prom and Formal hairstyles inspired

Cute curly formal

Taylor swift updo

Taylor Swift Hair , side pony tail

Taylor swift

Prom hairstyle

Taylor swift elegant hair
These are a few of Taylor Swift hairstyles suitable for long hair , lots of curly option . I really like these and I hope they give you some ideas for your next event . So which of these are your favorite?

 If you like these hairstyles please comment and share .

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5 Girly outfit for first date

Girly outfit
 1. This pretty floral dress is  not only cute and girly but very charming and great for  spring or summer date . It can go form day to night , a outfit that is not too over the top for a first date but not under dress . Great for casual date such as picnic or movies .

Cute dress
 2. This is dress is youthful and flirty but not too flirty . Greta first date outfit .

Nice date dress

3. This is not only flirty and fun but sophisticated looking , great for night in the town , dinner dates . 

Spring dress
4. This is super cute for first date . It can go both dress or casual depending on your accessories . This cute spring dress is feminine and goes for all body type . With the right accessories it can go from day to night . 

Casual outfit
5. This outfit is relax an casual so depending on where your going. Also aren't these pants color beautiful :) . This is just a fun outfit if your date include activity like at an amusement park , movies ,bowling etc .

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Getting Define Arched Eyebrows

For me this is how to get the perfect brows .

1. The first step is choosing the color pencil . I have black hair naturally so I go with a color a bit lighter burnett color pencil and if you have blonde brows go with blonde pencil or 2 shade darker . So get your pencil .

How to curl hair without heat

Getting beautiful curls without heat is what most woman dream of  . Heat over time damage hair even if you used heat protectant every use . If you used heat regularly it will dry your hair out and even caused it to break and become less healthy . That is why its best to stretch your heats sessions as long as you could . So here is how to curl hair without heat.

Curl hair without heat

1. Roller Sets most old fashion one but still does the trick 

You can used magnetic roller sets or sponge type covered with satin or silk . If you used regular sponge it may dry the moisture from the hair . You will get beautiful waves from any of these types . Your hair should be at least damp or lightly spritz with  leave in conditioner . So roller set your hair and pull down when completely dry .

2. Braid / twist  

Braids and twist out can give your hair beautiful curls and waves . Its best to do on freshly washed hair or damp hair with your leave in conditioner and moisturizer are  your regular styling products. Your curls will depends on your braid or twist . Looser and bigger braids/twist will give you a more wavy or large bouncy curls while smaller braids/twist will give you smaller define curls . like I did here on my hair Read>> 

3. Curlformer 
These you used on your hair when its either wet or dry depending on your hair type and what your going for . You can buy curlformers in different size to get different size curls.

4. Bobby pins
This works best for straight hair , like if you have really flat hair bobby pins work great . Also with these pins the type of curls depends on you  , for large looser curls you will section your hair in larger amount and small sections for tighter curls . Wrap your hair around your finger , then take out your fingers and lay the hair flat and used pins to hold it down , continue until complete . In the morning you pull your hair out and enjoy your beautiful curls .
How to curl hair without heat
Bobby pin curls

5. Twist-flex rods

These are soft and affordable , and similar to roller sets . You wrap your hair around it and simple twist the rod to hold the hair in place .

Now these are just a few  ways on how to curl hair without heat . Hope this help and go enjoy your curls.

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Shrugging Emoticon \_(ツ)_/¯

Shrugging Emoticon are quite popular over the internet  we  are all doing it when we type  \_(ツ)_/¯  or paste, express our self when we type saying I donno . Here are three nice Shrug emoticon tops for you and for you to share with someone .

 Buy now : Shrugging Emoticon,$15.74
  • 100% Cotton, White - 150gsm, Colours - 155gsm
  • A fantastic printed item you can wear or present as a gift
  • Fully machine washable
  • Professionally printed to highstreet standards

Buy now : Shrugging Emoticon Japanese Kaomoji $15

  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • 6.1 oz
  • Crew Neckline
  • Standard Fit
  • Machine Wash Cold

Buy now : Shrug Emoticon $32.32

  • 50% Cotton 50% Polyester, 279gsm
  • A fantastic printed item you can wear or present as a gift
  • Fully machine washable

These Shrugging Emoticon tops are pretty casual and lay back \_(ツ)_/¯  hey lol  I donno why they so cute ¯\(°_°)/¯

To make these you will have to borrow the smiley from the Japanese alphabet tsu and its a bit hard to make shrugging emoticon on English keyboard. 

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