Why I am hardly posting

I AM GETTING MARRIED , I have been engaged for a while now and the big date is finally around the corner . I want to have my wedding in Jamaica by all means , beautiful exotic island great for a destination wedding . We are getting ready to travel to Jamaica and meet with the wedding coordinator and do all we need to do,  in the next couple of weeks .

I am excited and I am enjoying every day that it get closer that is why I have not been updating as much as previous months .  I will not be updating as much throughout the entire wedding planning nor honeymoon , so it may be Christmas to new year week before I get back to updating as usual . I  will pop in every now and then if I do get the time but not making any promises lol.

How to hydrate hair after bleaching

Some of us may face dry hair after bleaching it and this will lead to breakage and air thats just damage overall . The know "how to hydrate hair after bleaching" can save you a lot of hair  , especially these thing you can do yourself at home immediately after bleaching your hair . Do not attempt another color application until your hair bounce back to normal .

* If you were using shampoo with harsh ingredients , such as sulfate which will dry your hair out even more . These are three sulfate free shampoo you can give a try  .

Stretch your curls without heat

Stretching natural hair will reduce not only shrinkage , tangle and breakage . Stretching your curls will be a important part of your routine if you want to retain length . These method will not fully straighten your hair but it will elongate it . 

Braidout / Twist out 
My number one method, to stretch my hair is to do like a braidout / twist out . This will reduce your shrinkage that comes with curly/ kinky hair . This method is more like giving you a curly define finish without the shrinkage . I like this also because I have no tangles and it blend my two texture together .

Product Review : EcoStyler Moroccan Argan Oil

Product featured :

  • Made with 100% Argan Oil
  • Contains UV Protection
  • For all hair types
  • Maximum hold


Water, Carbomer, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, PVP, Glycerin, Trithanolamine, Sodium Hydrxymethylglycnate, Plysorbate 20, Tetrasodim EDTA, Argan oil, Fragrance, Yellow #11 ( Yes the ingredients list is really short ) . 

Glamorous nails to try out

I love this Glamorous nails design
 This is cute , great for formal event , like wedding  .

Glamorous nail art
 I love the color it pop , its very nice for summer occasion
Junior Glamorous nails 
'I think this on is very easy to do
Glamorous nails
 I think this color is fashionable right about now

This Glamorous nails art is supper cute
 This is also another favorite of mine , its so adorable