10 Hairstyles for round faces

10 sexy hairstyles for round faces

Bob cuts hairstyles are great for fat faces and round faces . These hairstyles bob cuts look great on any shape face . Round face has lots of variety when choosing hairstyles and haircuts there is no real limits to what will work well on you . However you want to make sure you have a nice style, right haircuts for round faces such as bob cuts are very cute and go with all age group .

Hairstyles for round faces
Hairstyles for round faces

hairstyles for fat faces
Bob cut hairstyles for round faces
Messy bob cut

Length can go sleek and straight or soft wavy . Keeping the hair sleek and straight with not too much volume . This can be anyone go 2 styles so for straight face , long face , oval face , round face and fat face great for everyone . Nice swoop at the side is fun or part down the middle .

Aloe Vera for hair moisture

You can do this with store bought Aloe Vera or make your own natural Aloe Vera gel  . After washing your hair , Saturate your hair fully with the Aloe Gel . Place a plastic shower cap over your head and sit under the hooded dryer ( about 5 minutes ) or walk in the sun ( for about 15 minutes ) , the heat from the dryer and sun will help open the hair cuticle to let the aloe gel in giving your hair moisture .

Wen finish rinse out the aloe , and style as usual .

Short Curly hair styles

More Short curly hair and styles for all those trend setters , Keeping your hair short and maintained and still having lots of fun with it . I always enjoy posting pictures of beautiful woman with their short hair because i think a lot of people cannot pull such looks off especially with bold colors as well . I like short curly hair with colors that create beautiful contrasts .

short curly hair
Short curly hair

short curly hair
Short Curly hair 2014-2015

3 Years Length Photos

These were taken from September, but i was too busy to even get around posting them . I wanted to flat iron but it was too much for me so it was just blown out . I will need a professional to do it for me I December or so .

Its official its 3 years

Its that time !! officially 3 years since my transition journey begins . I think it was smooth and the time went by really fast  .

I am happy to say I was able to wear my natural hair throughout the three year , I didnt wear any wig or braids  because thats not me but if you have to you should . Everyone journey is different and our hair reacts differently  , so always listen to your hair . What I did in the beginning is keep the ends of my hair tuck under in a messy bun styles but I do not do that anymore , what I do now is wear my hair out almost everyday  , I love showing it off,  big,  nice and fine :D !!

I am planning to flat iron my hair sometimes next week to celebrate my 3 years transition anniversary . Now should I cut the ends off is still a little up in the air for me because I dont mind it but I dont need it anymore  . I have enough natural length . I may cut first then flat iron and hopefully this time it will not be a big poof lol .