Lots of compliments towards my hair

Everywhere I go these days my hair gets a lot of positive attention . Last week was just amazing since more than one ladies stop me and ask me what I do to my hair and how can they do it . This particular girl was saying she wants to go natural but she she is afraid to big chop , I told her to transition thats what I did and still doing util September . I was thrill to just sit with her and introduce her to some of my favorite products .

It is so nice to be getting all the positive reaction , it shows that we are really growing as a people .

OMG its almost 3 years already

I wish I had some photos to show you have my progress but my computer system was fried and I lost all my pictures :( . I made no back up and now I have no pictures to show throughout my absent . I am back now as I am more settle into things .

I will make it up to you by putting together some pictures and more tips for the summer . I will try to make the tips available this week .

It will be 3 years September since i started my transition , I have come so far and i am just at a wow right now .

If your thinking of transitioning you are in a good place to start , also it may seems long but time will just flew by like that .

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First flat iron failed

Since I started my transition I have never flat iron my hair .So my hair was ore unruly than I though lol.  This is what I did :

I wash my hair
I then let it air dry until it was aleast 70%
I used olive oil as my heat protectant

This ia a real bad quality webcam picture .

31 months post relaxer

Its been a while since I did a personal update well, I am now 2 years and 7 months post relaxer and still going strong. I mention in most of my hair update that I am going for the 3 year mark and I am so close now, hooray!! .

What I have found out about my hair is that is getting more and more define as it grew . I think it could do with the fact that it's hanging more and most my products are natural.

Ok, so what I have been using since my last update?

Well, I have been only been using conditioner the tresemme natural, Vo5 conditioner,  ecostyler gel and a mixture of natural oils.

I find that I don't really need anything else and my hair is always well moisturized. I am surprised I could only use the little product and my hair is reacting so well to the little products .

My current routine

I co-wash once a week
Used conditioner and then apply oil and that is it

I do this once or twice a week depending on my hairstyle

Cocoa butter for hair

Cocoa butter has a lot of benefits for hair, but in this post I will give you the ingredients I used to make my own .

You will need raw cocoa butter bars
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Honey (optional)

How to make flaxseed hair gel at home

Flaxseed gel is simple and easy to make , great for natural curly hair as it helps define your curls without becoming hard and its 100 percent natural. This gel can be used on nay hair type .

Things you will need
1/4 cup Flaxseed
1 1/2 cups water
Essential oils (optional)
Container with a cover