How to care for your hair in the summer

summer should always be fun

Some people might need to adjust their regimen
just a little when summer steps in. Here are a few guide you can follow .

1)Shampoo less

  If you're a person that shampoo once a week you might want to make that every two weeks.  Simple put, only shampoo twice a month .

2 )  Co-Wash

This is where co-washing might have to increase, you can use a cheap moisturizing conditioner for this. You can also just saturate your hair with only water while showering .

 3) Deep Condition

You might need to deep condition more frequently, so the average person might deep condition twice a month, if your hair feeling dry start to do this once a week. Do not attempt this with protein based deep condition, if you must use protein this summer do so once every six weeks, be sure to use a moisturizing base conditioner for all other occasion.

4) Leave in 

Apply leave in for extra moister every time you co-wash and wash your hair in the summer.

5) Moisturizer

Moisturize according to your hair type and feeling because you don't want to weight down your hair too much. You could alternate between lightweight spirits and a heavy cream moisturizer. Apply your favorite oil sealant .

6) Water

Simple! drink more water during the summer

7) Heat

You have enough sunlight so no excuses to use a blow dryer , when outside is so beautiful . So unless it is night , there is no need for blow dryer . Air dry more blow dry less .

Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Bleach

Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Bleach gives your a soft highlight .

First Step 

Get yourself a clean dark spray bottle , pour the   Hydrogen Peroxide   in it do not dilute .

Step 2 

Untangled your hair and used a comb to section it off, if your only doing some parts.

Step 3 

Apply the   Hydrogen Peroxide  on dry unwashed hair be sure to get it damp are saturate thoroughly . Let the hydrogen peroxide sit on your hair for 20-40 minutes depending on how dark your hair is or rinse when you reach the desire color . wash and deep condition you hair after ,the deep conditioning will keep  your hair from breaking and becoming dry .

How to steps to Bleaching Hair at home

You may have Black or real dark brown hair and you are finally at the point that its clear you wont get a light hair tone ,like light brown ,golden blond are platinum without bleaching :(  because you have already try  . You may not want to do it at a salon because of bad experience are  might be too expensive . If not done correctly you may not get desire result . Here is a few tips

Bleaching Hair at home
How to Bleach hair at home
Things you will need when bleaching hair at home:
Bleaching kit
Applicator brush
Hair Color Remover (if not your natural color)

Now let us begin , be sure to check your bleaching kit Read the package to make sure that one kit will be enough to cover your hair length. If your not sure, buy a second kit so you won't run out while bleaching hair at home .

 We all know the effects of  bleach, if misused, it can burn, fry, break and even cause partial/total loss of hair because its harsh .

Hair Type


Hair typing for those who care to know - this is not a precise match for everyone , but  a generalization of traits to look for when trying to identifying your particular hair type. Our hair texture can range anywhere from pin-straight to extremely curly.

Type 1 , Straight hair 

This type of hair cuticle tend to be thick and solid , find mostly in Blond type 1 and Asian hair . Though some times this type hair can be thin it all depends on genetics and hormone its that simple . If this hair is healthy it will have natural shine .
Emma Stone

Type 2 hair , Wavy 

Wavy hair is the mix between straight and curly , have a lose pattern and can be frizzy at times more frequently  for 2b and 2c type. It doesnt bounce up even if layered .  Some type 2 hair can also form a sort S shape , not just one direction wave .
Kristen Stewart ,  2A gently lose wave,  Image Source  

2B more of a beach waves

2C Fuller waves

Type 3 , Curly

Type 3s hair type can range from naturally big lose S shape pattern , to small coily Pattern . This is more Spiral curly rather than wave. Curly hair is prone to a lot of frizz and dryness if not care for the curls can appear dull instead of having a healthy shine, but can be bouncy and when wet wavy are almost straight .

 3A  Big lose curls 

 3B  Smaller lose curls 
3C Thick and tight curls

Type 4 hair

This type hair is the more fragile of all hair type . This type include pen-sping level  hair that actually coils into a spiral like those small springs, and tight zig-zag and S-curled hair. Not only is African hair wiry, it is also frequently coarse. according to Anne Tecklenburg Strehlow, "African hair actually produces more oils than Caucasian and Asian hair. However, due to the tight curls, the oil fails to spread evenly along the hair fiber." This result in brittleness of African hair, then  adds to the illusion that it cannot be grown long. This type hair need to be moisture more frequently to grow long unlike straight hair which is low maintenance .

4a hair types

4B Dense coils

4B hair types

Very dense and compact coils
4C hair

Black Girl Hair

Beautiful inspiration for all black female thinking of going natural, I cant deny the beauty of natural afro texture hair ...long healthy relax ladies, keeping it classy . The versatility of black hair is amazing from curly to straight . Truly bless to be full of options .

Black Girl Hair

black girl hair afro

 black girl long hair

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Caring for dry brittle hair

For dry hair

Our hair can be full of moister one day and dry and fragile the next , here are some step in preventing that .

Used a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair example : VO5 moisturizing Shampoo , Creme of Nature, Shampoo, Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo, Elucence Moisture Benefits, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo, Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo.

Tip : Avoid shampoo with sodium , this tend to strip the hair of its natural oil .

 Moisturizer/Water - Used daily to hydrate dry hair  Example  : Plain water , Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion, S-Curl

Natural Oils are used for sealing in water based moisturizers. Add a light coating of oil to the ends of the hair and work your way up.

Here are some examples: Jamaican Black Castor Oil ,  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16 fl oz (474 ml) LiquidExtra Virgin Coconut Oil,Jojoba Oil

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