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Divali Festival Celebration

Today was my last minute shopping for this festival . I got my tradition India  clothes , its nice time for us to dress up that way , buy up fire works and some lamps for light . I wanted to get my hands painted with the henna but had no time . Most the Indian clothing store were on sale ,so it was a good time to shop , lots of people doing last minute shopping as well hard to walk in the town lol .

If you dont know about the Devali also called Dewali festival its a popular Hindu festival celebrated in India and Indian communities around the world . Devali is the Hindu festival of light , worship unto the Goddess of light, wealth and prosperity.  You celebrate with your family etc and you dont have to be a Hindu worshiper to join in the celebration .

Away too long

It feels like I have been gone for months . I miss you guys but I had to take a break to soak up some summer . I will have a post tomorrow morning and hopefully wont be gone so long for the rest of the summer .

Whats up !?

I have been testing out some new hair products d even some new nail polish . My two year transition mark its right around the corner and I have something special planned for my subscriber and myself  .

I cannot access my tumblr page at the moment so hopefully I will be able to later this week .

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Have a nice Sunday

My Blog one year anniversary + Introduction

This is my blog one year anniversary so I am giving you a proper introduction to my transition journey . 

Are you currently relax ?

I am transitioning , I plan on being a long term transition because I understand how to take care of my hair , and patient is key . In the beginning I would get  impatient and want to relax , and be back in my comfort zone .  To keep going I look at my natural hair and how beautiful it is and that's all I need and maybe watch some more YouTube videos  .

Why are you Transitioning 

I have thick  long hair all my life but I did not get to experiment with my natural hair as much. I have been relax and one part of me feel I have mastered it  !! I want to go back to the beginning LOL ..

How did you start your transition ?

Started of with me being impulsive , so after watching some videos on youtube videos by mistake I was inspired to try some thing new I wanted to play around with my natural hair because it look so much fun and I wanted to try out new products .  After seeing my new growth I was like " where have you been "  .

How Far is Your Transition now

I am 16 to 17 months post relaxer and I am not going to do the big chop. I will just do mini trims every 3 months. Short Hair would not work for me at all .

Do you wear protective styling ? 

No , Moisturizing my hair is enough . I love showing off my hair so I wont grow it just to hide it .

What are your Transition Styles :

I do Pony tail , braid out , Bantu knot outs are my favorites and pretty much all I do :)

What is the length of your hair and Type ?

I am  MBL , type 4 hair , soft , frizzy and curly (images )

What is your current Regimen ?

My regiment is currently for Relax and transition Regimen

What is your night time Routine ?

I want to think I have one but I dont really stick to things like those religiously.   I do my hair in one/two big braid and go to sleep . I sleep on silk pillow case because I am too tired to do anything else to my hair , so unless I have a style I want to keep for couple days that's all I do . I know curly style need more work so ill redo them at nigh in larger size .

I dont sleep with wet hair  .

Relax Hair Vs Natural Texture 

My natural hair is a lot thicker than my relax hair because it is curly so I cant just simple brush it back and be done , I have to used water are creamy moisturizer each time I want it to pull it back in place . My relax hair was so much easier to wash on wash days it was tangle free , my natural hair on the other hand I have to be patient to avoid snapping tangles made . These days I have little problem with tangles but it was not so when I just started .

How do you maintain your hair length? 

I keep my hair from being dehydrated , by using my creamy moisturizer/water, and then seal with one of my favorite oil . I try not to let my hair get dry and brittle . I don't used excess heat since I started to transition, only my hooded dryer whenever I deep condition my hair .

I do Low manipulation hairstyles , Proper nutrition .

I moisturize and seal my hair according to its need , so maybe once are twice a week all depend on certain elements . I do this only on wash and co-wash days . I have no strict ways of doing things never have, never will .  Just always do whatever works for you .

What is Your Hair Goal

Be fully natural !! I want to just enjoy my natural hair

Do you use Grease ?

I normally do , I have no problem with it but since my hair is less frizzy now I have no need for it .  It weight down my hair and prevent fly away and also act as a sealer but natural oils are a healthier choice . For 2013 I will not be using it , but its not a bad product to use every once in a while .

Next month will be another update of my  transition update where I will show a lot of before the transition pictures .

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Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank  Sdestra of Sdestra Hair Journey  for nominating me for the versatile blogger award, you can visit here blog here.

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