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No-Lye Vs Lye relaxer

Curly and Afro texture hair girls might find their hair unmanageable and unpredictable and just want a break from all that . Relaxer will keep your hair permanently straight , you will just have to touch up the roots at any point after six weeks post relax . The truth about these two relaxers are, that they are both chemical relaxers that will get your hair permanently straight and if misused can lead to hair loss . The chemical that caused the burn in lye relaxer are sodium hydroxide while no-lye relaxer are made up of guanidine, lithium, or potassium hydroxide and that  is the main difference between the two and how they are physically prepare .

Lye Relaxers

The stronger the ph balance the faster the lifting and swelling of the hair cuticle , once this process begin it cannot be undone . Your hair natural ph is around  4-5 and lye relaxer ph is  about 12-14 and no-lye is 9-11. Lye relaxer never have to mix they come ready to go   .Though lye relaxer seems to be more irritating to the scalp its is never has hash as no-lye relaxer on the individual hair strands . No-lye relaxer tend to leave calcium buildup which makes the hair dull and lack moister after a while and cause it to break while on the other hand lye relaxer wash clean leaving you with silkier hair .

 So you see the higher the ph does not mean it worse for your hair , it penetrate the hair bond a lot faster which is good because of the irritation you normally gets with a lye relaxer, but if done swiftly and professionally you will not have any scalp irritation . The lye wash cleanly leaving no build up and should be wash with a neutralizing shampoo. Leaving your hair easier to receive moisture than a no-lye relaxer  .

No-Lye Relaxers:

No-lye relaxer main active ingredients is calcium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide.No-Lye relaxer would be more suitable for people who want to relax their own hair or children . No-lye relaxer are best for children and people with sensitive scalp because its is less irritating to the scalp . Because no-lye relaxer tend to leave calcium buildup on your hair shaft this will cause brittle, dry dull hair that break easily , moisture will not be able to penetrate the hair resulting in damage hair .

A lot of people who used no-lye relaxer leave it on the hair for too long , resulting in their hair being over process . So even though no-lye relaxer or kinder to the scalp than a lye relaxer they or more damaging to the hair strands than a lye relaxer . Should be follow up with a neutralizing shampoo and a clarifying shampoo a week later and deep condition to help remove the calcium and add moisture .

Tips : 
If your going for a straighter look , its better to used lye relaxer
Clarify your hair once a month if you used no-lye relaxer
Always follow up with a neutralizing shampoo after relaxing your hair 
Follow the package instruction
Do not think no-lye relaxer cannot burn
Not recommended to switch relaxer brand

Always happy to know what you think or your personal experience

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