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Away too long

It feels like I have been gone for months . I miss you guys but I had to take a break to soak up some summer . I will have a post tomorrow morning and hopefully wont be gone so long for the rest of the summer .

Whats up !?

I have been testing out some new hair products d even some new nail polish . My two year transition mark its right around the corner and I have something special planned for my subscriber and myself  .

I cannot access my tumblr page at the moment so hopefully I will be able to later this week .

Please like my Facebook page and my other social pages to keep up with random post and reminders .

Have a nice Sunday

Working on a new template design

Update : I have decided to just go with  blogger template instead . 

We are working on a new template design , I wanted to finish by this week but that may not be the case . I may just do some little make over on the current template or I may a used a new one totally . We are working on the new categories for the added topic that we will be posting here so the template will have to be edit or change completely  .

We also want to start a blogger roll for limited blogs so if you are interested in being added that is getting a do-follow backlink email us at for details .

Blog Announcement

I am happy to announce the renaming of to .It was not a easy decision has I have gotten used to the old name but I wanted something more personal and easy to remember , also I wanted to do this for quite some time    

There will be a lot more update this time around, so more frequent post to keep you coming back .  I will have help for some topics *smile*  so it wont just be me alone . Hope you will subscribe and support our new page facebook page as well.

The new pages will be update and more active than I was able to make it before . This new blog will not just focus on healthy hair care but beauty in general and fashion as well . 

A new template will also be coming sometime this week to go with all the changes 

Twitter and Tumblr

I just had the time to create a twitter page , I am so busy with daily life activities . I still manage to update my blog twice a week and now you can follow my blog now on twitter to get the latest updates . I am so happy that I get the weekend to do this because I am so busy these days.

So for all who that want to follow on twitter or Tumblr you now can . I may are may not make a Facebook page , at least not any time soon.