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How to Make You're Tights Look slimmer

These are 10 ways to let your tights look slimmer .

1 . Wear clothes that actually your size  . So the right underwear and outfit . If the pants or skirt is too tight then that s wear everyone will be looking .

2. Heels help to let your tights look slimmer

Trendy one Piece Swimsuit

 One piece swimsuit, for your summer pool parties .

my favorite

5 Victoria's Secrets Beach bags

I just saw these online and want to share because I am also looking for  new beach bag . I am a pink girl so  yeah .

This is really soft and feminine , my favorite
I love this but dont have a link for it but the name is Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Pink/White Stripe Canvas

This is  a nice stripe Signature Victoria's secret color , hot pink mix with soft pink 
This currently cost $29-30 Click Victoria's Secret Beach Bag Signature!!!

Rihanna 2013 summer collection

The Caribbean sensation is adding some Caribbean heat with her new line available on
Rihanna 2013 summer collection 

Summer swimsuit: Hot swimsuits

Its summer again and we all working on getting the perfect swim suit for our body types and styles . Here are some hot swim suits girls , these are two piece swim suit for the pretty in pink kinda girls .

Hot Pink 

Soft Pink Swim suit