Curly Fall and Winter product must have 2015 ( Co-wash conditioners )

Co-wash  , great for your curls all year round but winter is even more important . Do not skip on your winter regimen , I know because I sometimes also skip on my wash days throughout the year but winter is essential . If you dont know what co-wash means , it is the washing of the hair using only conditioner in order to maintain more moisture , shampoo strip the hair of its natural oil. While shampoo is good , too much shampoo washing will dry the hair and even more so for curly hair .

As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner conditioner is perfect , mild cleans and creamy to help reduce tangle. You can buy this at amazon and other online beauty stores . 

Curly Fall and Winter product must have 2015 ( Oils )

Now we will see some oils , as this is a important part of natural curly hair regimen  . You should always have a oil for the health and length retention of your hair. Oil can be used to massage the scalp and seal moisture in the hair for a longer period of time . 

Oil Mixes 

Argan Oil

This is Argan Oil nice for skin and hair, it conditions the hair making it soft and shine without being greasy. Its 100% pure organic your curly hair  will thank you .