How to Make You're Tights Look slimmer

These are 10 ways to let your tights look slimmer .

1 . Wear clothes that actually your size  . So the right underwear and outfit . If the pants or skirt is too tight then that s wear everyone will be looking .

2. Heels help to let your tights look slimmer

3. Black clothing is nice for slimming effect so add some of those to your shopping list .

4. Loose pleated / flowing skirts or dress . These are my favorites and they are super cute and effective in hiding problem tights .

5 . Do it your self Tanned Kit , this can give a nice slimming look if done correctly .

6. Avoid Skinny jeans , this will draw too much attention to your tights and you may appear heavy . Try  wearing more straight pants .  Also you can wear flare pants .

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