5 Girly outfit for first date

Girly outfit
 1. This pretty floral dress is  not only cute and girly but very charming and great for  spring or summer date . It can go form day to night , a outfit that is not too over the top for a first date but not under dress . Great for casual date such as picnic or movies .

Cute dress
 2. This is dress is youthful and flirty but not too flirty . Greta first date outfit .

Nice date dress

3. This is not only flirty and fun but sophisticated looking , great for night in the town , dinner dates . 

Spring dress
4. This is super cute for first date . It can go both dress or casual depending on your accessories . This cute spring dress is feminine and goes for all body type . With the right accessories it can go from day to night . 

Casual outfit
5. This outfit is relax an casual so depending on where your going. Also aren't these pants color beautiful :) . This is just a fun outfit if your date include activity like at an amusement park , movies ,bowling etc .

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