Getting Define Arched Eyebrows

For me this is how to get the perfect brows .

1. The first step is choosing the color pencil . I have black hair naturally so I go with a color a bit lighter burnett color pencil and if you have blonde brows go with blonde pencil or 2 shade darker . So get your pencil .

How to curl hair without heat

Getting beautiful curls without heat is what most woman dream of  . Heat over time damage hair even if you used heat protectant every use . If you used heat regularly it will dry your hair out and even caused it to break and become less healthy . That is why its best to stretch your heats sessions as long as you could . So here is how to curl hair without heat.

Curl hair without heat

1. Roller Sets most old fashion one but still does the trick 

You can used magnetic roller sets or sponge type covered with satin or silk . If you used regular sponge it may dry the moisture from the hair . You will get beautiful waves from any of these types . Your hair should be at least damp or lightly spritz with  leave in conditioner . So roller set your hair and pull down when completely dry .

2. Braid / twist  

Braids and twist out can give your hair beautiful curls and waves . Its best to do on freshly washed hair or damp hair with your leave in conditioner and moisturizer are  your regular styling products. Your curls will depends on your braid or twist . Looser and bigger braids/twist will give you a more wavy or large bouncy curls while smaller braids/twist will give you smaller define curls . like I did here on my hair Read>> 

3. Curlformer 
These you used on your hair when its either wet or dry depending on your hair type and what your going for . You can buy curlformers in different size to get different size curls.

4. Bobby pins
This works best for straight hair , like if you have really flat hair bobby pins work great . Also with these pins the type of curls depends on you  , for large looser curls you will section your hair in larger amount and small sections for tighter curls . Wrap your hair around your finger , then take out your fingers and lay the hair flat and used pins to hold it down , continue until complete . In the morning you pull your hair out and enjoy your beautiful curls .
How to curl hair without heat
Bobby pin curls

5. Twist-flex rods

These are soft and affordable , and similar to roller sets . You wrap your hair around it and simple twist the rod to hold the hair in place .

Now these are just a few  ways on how to curl hair without heat . Hope this help and go enjoy your curls.

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Shrugging Emoticon \_(ツ)_/¯

Shrugging Emoticon are quite popular over the internet  we  are all doing it when we type  \_(ツ)_/¯  or paste, express our self when we type saying I donno . Here are three nice Shrug emoticon tops for you and for you to share with someone .

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These Shrugging Emoticon tops are pretty casual and lay back \_(ツ)_/¯  hey lol  I donno why they so cute ¯\(°_°)/¯

To make these you will have to borrow the smiley from the Japanese alphabet tsu and its a bit hard to make shrugging emoticon on English keyboard. 

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