Transition update #4

I really wish I could update this with some pics but have no access to my camera with those right now . If its your first time reading my blog , I have been transitioning for 2 years and 2 months now . My natural hair is really taking over  now  and its always in a stretch  state so I can really see the length .

I mention in a previous post that I would like to start the curly girl method but I am really busy and have not got around to getting those new products yet . I am still hoping that I will get a chance to seek them out and receive them by this month end and be able to do some review December to early January .

I have over 12 inches of natural hair growth and about 7-8 inches of relax hair to go , except for my bangs which only have about 4 inches or less . I still have not flat iron my hair but I definitely will sometime this month . I want to go for 3 years but I may cut my hair in May instead .

How is your journey going ?

You can see my previous update here Transition to natural hair update #3

Divali Festival Celebration

Today was my last minute shopping for this festival . I got my tradition India  clothes , its nice time for us to dress up that way , buy up fire works and some lamps for light . I wanted to get my hands painted with the henna but had no time . Most the Indian clothing store were on sale ,so it was a good time to shop , lots of people doing last minute shopping as well hard to walk in the town lol .

If you dont know about the Devali also called Dewali festival its a popular Hindu festival celebrated in India and Indian communities around the world . Devali is the Hindu festival of light , worship unto the Goddess of light, wealth and prosperity.  You celebrate with your family etc and you dont have to be a Hindu worshiper to join in the celebration .