How to Make Your Straight Hair Beautiful and Shiny

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Beautiful and Shiny

To help your straight hair from looking limp and dead , follow these step to bring that vibrant color and bounce into your hair .


>I mention this many time , used direct heat styling tool less . Too much heat will dry out the hair and make it look dull and dead .

When using heat  always used a heat serum to protect the hair . I recommend Pronto Heat Protect Spray Travel and Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum .

>Wash hair with Sulfate free Shampoo . Most shampoo do carry sulfate these are what make the shampoo suds so look at the ingredients when choosing a shampoo . I do used sulfate shampoo sometimes but its not the best choice for any hair . So look out for Sulfate and Alcohol and avoids both if you can . I recommend Chamomile Replenishing Shampoo  (mild) , this is sulfate free  .

>Rinse hair with cool water , and Apple Cider vinegar are White vinegar to seal your hair cuticle , this will help keep your cuticle  lying flat .

>When finish washing your hair gently squeeze the water from your hair with an old t-shirt . The regular towel will leave small fibers on your hair that will lead to frizzy hair .

>Used a leave in conditioner , and one that will not weight your hair  ( Recommended for fine hair) down but if you have thick hair  used heavy creamy product and apply in section .

>Used anti-frizz products to keep your hair silky and straight throughout the day . Used your hairspray for added shine and avoid Alcoholic based spray

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