My Transition To Natural hair Update #2

I am 14 months post and will be 15 months post relax December . I am enjoying the new styles I have learned , before I would normally just do pony tail are wear my hair out now I can do braid out (my favorite) , twist out and others.

I am no longer feeling the urge to relax , that is a great achievement for me, because I am now managing my natural hair  . I have learn so much about my hair and all its behavior to certain products.

In the first couple months I wanted to relax because straight hair texture is what I am used to . 
I now understand my curly texture and I am full of different texture lol ...

I am currently experiencing some mild shedding but maybe its just my hair going through that final stage ( TELOGEN )  . I will continue to keep a close eyes on that .

I have a lot of product that I love so much , I keep rotating in between  my favorite products because I have so much  . My regimen is still pretty much the same , except because its now coming down to winter there are small changes I have made ( winter hair tips ) .

So I am still on my journey to 2 years transition .

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How far are you in your transition journey ? 


  1. Congrats girl all the best of your journey. I'm transitioning as well over a year, February coming will make two years for me. Fingers crossed*

  2. Thank you Yulli , I am so happy to make it this far . You making it over 2 years that is impressive


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