How to color hair at home , Loreal Majirel color chart

majirel hair color chart

Kirsten Dunst Ginger hair with copper tones
Knowing to how to color hair  at home using  majirel hair color chart can save you in your pocket.  So I colored my friend hair red the other day, she loves the result and I just want to share some tips on how to color hair too . Coloring your hair at home can be easy .  I like putting  a lot of  research into my post so I would not have felt good writing anything . For this post I am focusing on achieving ginger / red, but it can be whatever color you desire. 

#1. Most important step in how to color hair is to be sure to, examine your hair, is it damage? What should be done before coloring it. To know more about this read how to  Prep hair for color/ bleach . 

loreal majirel color chart
Rihanna Red Hair
#2 . Moving on from the preparing stage now examines your hair color and skin tone. Getting the right shade to match your skin tone is also important. Examine your hair will help you to determine the final result , some darker hair people will tend to bleach their hair first (optional) and if you have blond hair you might want to darken your hair a little or color it orange first before dying it red  . Now you may begin looking at Loreal Majirel Color charts . 

Loreal Majirel color chart,
L’Oreal Majeril color chart
Used the top L’Oreal Majeril color chart to go by when coloring your hair red / copper red / ginger red. First select your natural color from the chart above, and then look for the shade dye you want.


how to color hair at home, loreal majirel color chart
Loreal Majirel color

Things you need for the actual know how to color hair at home :

L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Magenta

L'Oreal Excellence Hicolor Hilights Magenta 1.2 oz.

Whatever color you choose, but this red was the one I used.

L'Oreal 30 and 20  volume developer

A mixing bowl 
Maybe some help so you don't miss any part of your hair 

Read more : Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo
Red is one of the easiest colors to fade, so using a shampoo such as Quantum Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo  is  great for maintaining the color . 

Steps : 

1. Mix the color with the developer in the bowl, 1:1 or 1:2 or something similar, read the instruction on the bottle and be sure to mix well.

2. Used Vaseline around your hairline and ears and then put on your gloves 

3. Start applying the mix to the middle of your hair say 1-2 inch away from your scalp downward.  You don't want to start at the roots because the heat from your scalp will make your roots take the color faster and you end up with roots looking too much brighter than the ends  . 

4. Be sure to cover your head with all the mix

5. Now let sit to the time recommended that is 30 minutes are to your desired time

6. When time is up, rinse with cool water  

7. Used deep conditioner or a hair mask

8. Let your hair, air dry 

For more question on how to color hair at home, Color Chart tutorial, leave a comment below. 

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  1. Lot of people and celebrities dye their hairs for good look. My question is that do colour dye can damage your hairs.

    1. It does have the potential but if done properly their won be any noticeable damage if doe properly and with proper upkeep .

  2. Simone if you're not a liscensed hairstylist , Please don't tell people how to do their hair at home . It only worsens their hair , which leaves more work for us professional Hairstylists .

    1. Thank you for your advice but as i stated these are just my personal experience and advice , and should be done at your own choice


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