Benefits of Olive Oil in Hair

Benefits of Olive Oil in Hair, Oil for hair growth

Benefits of olive oil in hair
Benefits of olive oil in hair growth are many , some people will still not believe that olive oil can be used in hair care . Extra Virgin Olive oil is pack with antioxidants that offer nourishment for the over all health of the scalp .

How to Detangle Hair

How to detangle hair Long  and curly hair , they are easier to become tangle and knotted .

1. Always detangle when your hair when wet and slippery with conditioner  . You can also apply the conditioner before    shampooing , and then shampoo your hair and your hair will still remain tangle free . Gentle Comb through your hair with conditioner on it let conditioner sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing out . 

2.Go ahead and apply your leave in conditioner 

3. Gently start detangling  at the ends and work your way up

4. You should finger detangle or used a with a wide-toothed comb . Never used a brush on wet hair this may cause split ends . 

Note * You can also mix essential oil with any of your conditioner such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Extra Virgin Coconut Oiland Argan Oil 

Transition to Natural Hair

transition to natural hair, black natural hair, Afro hair
Photo by  by nicodeme
 Transition to natural hair,  If your thinking of going natural here are a few tips and things to consider before making the leap

Why do you want to go natural?
What is your transition goal and length ?
What is my new regimen ?
What products will I used?

Transition to natural hair process can be the worse moment your hair will go through , sometimes I had my unpredictable hair day and those are the absolute worse . I cannot tell what my hair will do next , I cant even do my signature style most morning  :) . But its all worth it and you will see that after you become more comfortable as time goes on .

Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank  Sdestra of Sdestra Hair Journey  for nominating me for the versatile blogger award, you can visit here blog here.

Here are the rules of the award:

Transition Hairstyles

During my transition process I have done numbers of  transition hair style , this help to blend my two texture .
My staple Transition hair style is Chignons , since its similar to my pony tail styles.

Classic Buns
Buns can also be elegant but ditch the scrunches . Also keep your hair off your shoulder especially in those hot summer days .

This is very elegant and fashionable , you mush have long are semi-long hair to do this style . This style  keep your hair off your shoulder as well . 

Wet Sets
Helps to blend the root of your natural texture with your relax ends.

Flat Twist
These are similar to to cornrow , These style make nice protective style if your concern about your ends . 

Twist out 
This is exactly out it sounds , you twist your hair and after a while you pull it out

Braid out 
Similar to twist out , the difference is you use three strands of hair .

Bantu knots
This also help to blend your texture and give you a smooth curly finish . 

Straw sets
This also is beautiful but it can take a real long time , too much time for some of us lifestyle . 

Blow outs/ flat iron
Be sure to used heat protection when attempting heat styles 

Weave /Extensions
Some people find it easier to not deal with their natural texture every day . This would be a good choice for such people . 

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My Transition To Natural hair Update #1

Its has been a whole year since transitioning to natural hair, I started my transition journey the 5th of September 2011 . I started with thick color treated mid back length hair . The entire year I wanted to just relax and have straight hair again , but I had some YouTube inspiration that keep me going .

I have been keeping up with my  regimen , I had trial product in between my journey that also works great . Here are some pic of my hair texture .

All Picture are taken freshly wash with no product .

Front texture lose, wet shot

How To Regrow Thinning Edges

No woman want to have her hair running away from her face . So the first thing we should do is always nourish our inside first , eat protein rich food and take vitamins supplement if necessary . Hair follicle can become damaged by a number of things such as chemical relaxer, bleaching hair , vitamins deficiencies and tight hairstyle that stress on the hair.

Keep your hair scalp clean  , to prevent clog and dirt that stop hair growth.

Avoid tight braids and pony tail

Ways on how to regrow thinning edges , here are couple things you can used massage your scalp to increase blood circulation to promote healthy  hair growth..

Vatika Hair Oil
Castor oil , preferable Jamaica Black Castor Oil
Virgin Coconut oil
Aloe Vera Gel
Peppermint Extract 

If you want more help with regrowing thinning hair and receive tips , I would highly recommend that you check out this e-book.
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