Avoiding Split Ends

Tips to Prevent Split Ends

*Always trim Split ends with sharp scissor. Cut about 1 1/2 -half inches above your split ends.

*Dust your ends occasionally , this is when small amount is trimmed and it look like dust .

*Always condition after every shampoo never skip that step . This Step is supper important for afro texture   hair .

*Gently pat dry wet hair , do not rub towel on your hair or squeeze.

*Don't brush wet hair, this will damage the hair cuticle .

*Use a brush with soft bristles and wide tooth comb.

*Avoid heat when drying your hair , let your hair dry naturally more.

*Whenever you used heat , always used a heat protective serum.

If your hair is pass prevention stage , you will have to trim them or repair them temporarily

 How to repair split ends without cutting

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